An Interview with OOC

Q: What students use Out on Campus?

A: Many undergrad and grad students access Out on Campus for a variety of services. People of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome!

Q: What do you think is the most important service Out on Campus offers?

A: Out on Campus offers many important interrelated services!  The most important service we provide is our lounge and resource centre (on Burnaby campus, TC314N), where we connect students with other students inside a respectful and inclusive environment. We do this through hosting socials and events, and through a volunteer program where students build skills around community organizing. We’ll also soon be rolling out a Positive Space Network through which SFU faculty, staff, and student leaders can become trained resource people dedicated to challenging homophobia and transphobia by creating more safe spaces on campus.

Q: What is something about Out on Campus that you think would surprise people?

A: Out on Campus is not just for gay people! Everyone is affected by the pressures of unrealistic expectations around gender roles and traditional relationship models. Working to eliminate homophobia and transphobia benefits everybody.

Q: If you had the chance to talk to every new student coming to SFU in person, what would you tell them about Out on Campus or about SFU?

A: Get involved with student life, be it through organizations like Out on Campus, the Women’s Centre, SFPIRG, student government, clubs, or DSUs. Engaging in campus community and life creates important networks of social support, as well as opportunities for personal growth. It’s also a chance to build skillsets that can end up being important as or even more important than what you end up learning in the classroom.