Got Queer?

The Got Queer? campaign debuted in the Summer of 2010, and with great success! Based off the famous "Got Milk?" campaign, our campaign aimed to create awareness around campus about the many ways people identify, illuminating the natural diversity of our campus (and of the celebrity world!). It's important to note that the twenty posters are far from the complete list of identities - in fact, the number of ways someone can identify is seemingly infinite!

Here, you'll find downloadable posters for each term represented. 

Got Ally? - Jon Stewart

Got Asexual? - Morissey

Got Bi? - Frida Kahlo

Got Butch? - kd lang

Got Drag? - Ru Paul

Got Gay? - Daniel Choi

Got Gender? - Peaches

Got Genderqueer? - David Bowie

Got Intersex? - Santhi Soundarajan

Got Lez? - Wanda Sykes

Got Milk? - Harvey Milk

Got Pansexual? - Lady Gaga

Got Poly? - Tilda Swinton

Got Poz? - Michel Foucault

Got Pride? - Madonna

Got Queen? - Freddie Mercury

Got Queer? - Margaret Cho

Got Trans? - Chaz Bono

Got Two-Spirited? - Kevin Van Wanseele