Safer Space

At Out on Campus, we strive to be a "Safer Space" or "Safe Space". This means that, ideally:

  • everyone is welcome and included
  • respect is to be shown to everyone
  • inside the space, discriminatory, offensive, or disrespectful behaviour of any type is not tolerated

WHY Safe Space?
1. We want everyone to feel safe & comfortable to access the OOC space, community & resources.
2. We are committed to ending oppression and marginalization with in LGBTQA+ communities and in the larger community.
3. Maintaining SAFE SPACE at Out on Campus is a tangible way we can practice our commitment to anti-oppression work.

1. The feeling of Safety is relative & can change based on a number internal and external factors.
Consider: What do you think we mean by ‘safety’? When do you feel safe?
2. In order to maintain SAFE SPACE users must practice awareness so they may gauge the level of comfort & safety in the space.
Consider: What are some non-verbal cues that someone is feeling unsafe or triggered?
3. SAFE SPACE works best if people think carefully before using words or engage in conversation that is problematic or that could be triggering to others.

It’s important to understand that SAFE SPACE is not about censorship, it’s about mutual respect, critical thinking and compassion.

Mutual Respect
Out on Campus is a safe space for people with a variety of identities & life experiences. Many people who access the OOC space face multiple, intersecting oppressions (racism, ableism, sexism, classism, sizeism etc). By maintaining SAFE SPACE we respect everyone’s right to co-exist in the space, without prejudice.

Critical Thinking
OOC is a learning space. We encourage people to think before using a word or engaging in a conversation that could be offensive or triggering for other people in the space. If you are unsure, feel free to ask for consent before proceeding. Remember, OOC is a PUBLIC space & not all conversations are appropriate in a public space.

If you are called on SAFE SPACE or call someone on SAFE SPACE it does not necessarily mean that anyone has done anything wrong. Calling SAFE SPACE is a way to set verbal boundaries and a reminder to everyone to be aware of the conversation and words that are being used in the space.

The Bottom Line
OOC encourages free speech and the self-expression of everyone in the space. We believe that through engaging in awareness, critical thinking, and clear communication we can maintian a SAFE SPACE for our diverse community of LGBTQ+ folk and our allies.