Out on Campus is a volunteer-run and staff-supported space.

Volunteer and Program Coordinator
Brianna Price
phone: 778-782-8140

Brianna is currently a student who is in the middle of getting a degree in English. She uses the she/her/hers set of pronouns, and her hobbies include reading dusty old books, writing, and telling gloriously terrible puns. She originally started visiting Out On Campus in her first semester in Fall semester of 2014, and became involved with them officially in the Spring of 2016. She is passionate about educating people on situations of privilege and oppression, and is excited to create something that can help people navigate difficult situations more easily than they could do on their own. If she could have any superpower, it would be telekenesis, because not only could she pretend to be a Jedi, but sometimes she just doesn't want to get up and get something, you know?

Administrative Assistant
phone: 778-782-5933

Positive Space Network Project Worker
Masashi Yoshida 

Masashi is an M.A. student in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He uses the he/him set of pronouns. His hobbies include watching Asian queer films, drinking coffee, and eating different types of cuisine that Vancouver has to offer. Having moved to Canada from Japan in 2015, he started volunteering with Out on Campus in the summer of 2016, and became a Positive Space Network Project Worker in the fall in the same year. Being an ESL speaker, Masashi is passionate about offering support and information on gender and sexuality in accessible English to the diverse student body at SFU. If he could have a superpower, that would be teleportation, so that he could see his friends and family without having to cross the Pacific ocean (and turbulence and awful in-flight food).