Trans & Gender Diversity Project

Trans and gender diverse students, staff and faculty face additional challenges to fully engaging with the SFU community. These challenges include having their gender recognized in communication with the university, engaging with classmates and professors, and finding washrooms where they feel safe amongst many other concerns. The trans and gender diversity project aims to reduce the challenges trans and gender diverse students face in accessing the university.

Main Goals: 
The goals of the project are to create a guide to the university for trans and gender diverse members of the SFU community. The guide will contain relevant policies (such as how to change your name and gender marker, location of gender inclusive washrooms, polices and practices around trans folks accessing recreation facilities and athletics, amongst other policies). The guide will also include testimonials from past and current trans and gender diverse students regarding their experiences at SFU. The project is also intended to foster a sense of community amongst trans and gender diverse folks at SFU. Mainly the guide is intended to allow trans and gender diverse students to engage in their studies, and with the community as comfortably and fairly as possible.

Progress to Date: We are currently in the process of editing policy sections and deciding upon bits from testimonials. Research around washrooms and location is still in process, as are drafts of the advice and resources sections. Drafts for other parts of the guide.

Ways to Get Involved:

Gender Neutral Washroom Hunts

We are urgently looking for people to participate in gender neutral washroom hunts to help get an idea of the location and quality of all gender neutral washrooms on campus. They will be occuring every Thursday, starting September 22nd, and you can register here.

Call for Testimonials

We are also still accepting student testimonials until October 15th, and are especially looking for students of colour. We're trying to get experiences relating to the Registrar or documents and records, athletics and recreation, housing and residence and getting support for discrimination and harassment. Interested? Give us your contact information You can give your contact information here.

Call for Editors & Proofreaders

We would also love some assistance proofreading and editing of the guide. For that, register and we will get in touch with you.

Contact the Brianna, Trans and Gender Diversity Guide Project Worker, by emailing